Adding user accounts

Before diving into creating jobs, appointments, etc. you'll want to create an account for each employee who'll be using Cinderblock.

Steps to create a new user

1. Navigate to Settings (found in the top right corner of the app)
2. Go to User accounts
3. Click on New User button found in the top right corner
4. Select a user role
5. Fill out the rest of the user's information, and press Save

About sharing user accounts:

From our perspective there's nothing unethical about giving multiple people access to one account; if a company is forced to be budget-conscious, sharing accounts might be a solution that works. So if this is your strategy, there's no need to be shy about it, we will provide you the same quality support as we would anyone else.

However, please keep in mind the potential challenges associated with sharing accounts.

Consider how with a shared account determining who did what can be difficult, resulting with chaotic job management. If accountability is important to your business, a shared-account approach will probably not work. Also consider the business administration challenges and security risks tied to sharing a single a password amongst many people.

For many, the cost savings associated with shared accounts ultimately doesn't pay off.